Here at the Dimense showroom, we're constantly experimenting with the Dimense printer to find out how to make the most of different designs to see how the 3D structure process makes them come to life.  We'll be adding more examples over the coming months and showing you how to produce your own custom 3D wallcovering from your own designs.


Great close-up of a geometric design with structure. Image: Abstract Geometry

Geometric in Room

We love how the geometric design looks in a room - so cheerful. Image: Abstract Geometry

3D Effect

Adding structure adds a 3D effect and really makes your design come to life. Image: Weave & Flowers


Add the structure where you want it - design your own wallcovering. Image: Spring Water


Design and structure your wallcovering for the mood of your room. Image: Old Map

Childrens Room

Totally child-friendly, you can feature your child's favourite things on their walls. Image: Balloons

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