We Don't Print - We Create Brands!

Once upon a time, print companies did a whole lot of printing. In fact, printing was pretty much all they did and they did very well out of it thank you very much. The birth of digital printing had the effect of turbo charging the industry. Cost of entry became much lower and as a result many more companies entered the market and the competition became ultra-fierce. Now that it has all settled down, those larger printer companies that have survived have had to go through a dramatic re-imagining that sees them no longer as printers - but as brand creators!

Those companies that succeeded in large format printing are now the ones working across a myriad of industries, from live events to exhibitions, retail, construction, offices and much, much more. They are project managers, designers, facilitators, fitters and most of all, visionaries. The printing is simply a bi-product.

This is why our Dimense wallpaper printer is exactly the sort of product that makes the modern print and graphics companies take note. It feeds their imagination and stimulates creativity. This printer can quickly and easily produce a textured or embossed wallpaper covering with full colour graphics in a single pass. It is just the sort of product that the 'Brand Creators' need in their portfolio. It's a unique product that can deliver a real edge that can make the difference to winning a six-figure contract or more.

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