We're all familiar with the wonderful, colourful images created by today's wide-format digital printing technology.  We're also familiar with the touchable wallpapers with their physical structures and patterns repeating every half a metre.

DimenseTM provides a combination of the best of both:  printing tailor-made images of any size with the effective formation of physical structure from the wallpaper industry.

The combination of both allows you to print unique  digitally structured images, adding both colour and dimension to your prints. We call it dimensing.

DimenseTM is an environmentally friendly technology. It bases on latex eco-friendly inks and PVC-free structure-forming EcodecoTM media.

Dimense your print!

See How Dimensing Your Print Creates Something Truly Unique

Dimensing your print simultaneously not only gives you and your customer creative headspace, it means you can both create something that is truly unique. The examples below give you some idea of the options available to you.

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